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The world”™s first rice malt beer

The Spanish Craft Beer Institute (Instituto de la Cerveza Artesana) and our Head Brewer Daniel Fermun both have reasons to celebrate. Arrossaires del Delta de l’Ebre, producers and suppliers from one of the best worldwide rice, also have. Even the coeliac community and beer lovers must be really glad since we’ve just malted rice for the first time in history. Furthermore, this discovery has led us to brew the first craft beer made at 100 per cent from rice malt.

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The news is actually an international hit in the beer scene. The malted rice had never been developed before so we are providing a brand-new raw material to the brewing industry. At the same time, the discovery is relevant for the food market as well.

The malted rice will open up a world of possibilities for brewing differentiating beers. The fermented product will be light and complex alike and suitable for coeliac since the beers will be totally made from rice malt. However, mixed beers are going to be available to the market too. That means we will be able to offer you exciting new flavors in order to remind you of exotic fruit.

Daniel Fermun is the creator of the rice malt and the beer. He belongs to Cerveza Artesana, the leading Spanish Company in craft beer equipment. He is also part of the Spanish Craft Beer Institute. He has the chance to brew the first rice malt beer ever thanks to Arrossaires del Delta de l’Ebre. Three years ago, the rice-mill company suggested him to work together. After such a long time the product has been finally created but unfortunately we must be patient. The beer will be distributed early this summer at local level. The large retail will depend directly on its success. But we are full of hope: the rice malt beer was tasted in the last edition of Alimentaria Barcelona, the most important International Food and Drinks Exhibition in Spain. The feedback was more than good.

cerveza 1World’s first rice malt beer

Attention: Not to confuse with Sake or rice beers

It is very important for us not to confuse the product we are publicly presenting with other ones. Some people have told us this product was in place before we created it. People usually talk about Sake and other fermented beverages. Nevertheless, Sake is made with fermented uncooked rice. What’s more, in its making it is added Koji (Aspergillus oryzae), a fungus that breaks down the starch in the grain into sugars. Here we have then two differences between our rice malt beer and Sake. On one hand, Sake uses rice to macerate, while our beer is macerated with rice malt. On the other hand, Koji is the fungus used in maceration, whereas in our new product all the diastase activity comes from the malt rice.

Another factor that in some cases has led to confusion is the comparison between our beer and rice beers. There is no need to go into a lot of details since the difference is clear: we have malted rice to brew the brand-new beer. Rice beers don’t contain malt rice. Brewing companies, indeed, only use rice because it provides cheap neutral starches. It is definitely a way to brew low-cost beers and sacrifice quality. What we seek is to drive this misuse as far as possible from us and dignify rice, which becomes the main protagonist. 


Style Guideline

Creators and designers: Instituto de la Cerveza Artesana (Spanish Craft Beer Institute) and Arrossaires del Delta de l’Ebre

Style: Saison (in case of beers made totally of rice malt)

Aroma: Aromatized beer due to yeast activity when fermenting rice sugars and to aromatic species. Sweet fruity tones and citric notes are often present. Spicy and herbal aroma is appropriate.

Appearance: Yellow to light cloudy color. Large white head of foam.  

Mouthfeel and flavor: On the palate, dry and light on the entrance. Aftertaste can remind us of rice and herbals, with a phenolic note at the end related to yeast.

Overall impressions: It’s a refreshing and natural beer, with all the properties of an unfiltered and unpasteurized Ale craft beer. Brand-new malt is added in order to open up a world of opportunities and it is suitable for celiac. Mixed versions can remind us of exotic fruits.

Ingredients: Water, Rice malt (100%), hop, orange peel, juniper berries, cardamom and Saison yeast.

ABV: 5,8.